Ready to get your Life Shui'd?

on-line sessions 

Price for the 1st 2 sessions:   AUD $295                                   1 1/2 hours for session 1             1 hour for session 2

3rd session onwards: AUD $120 1 hour                                     



Are you ready to make some amazing positive changes in your life & home, but need some direction?   

Life Shui is all about practical and easy ways to move forward using a huuuuuge range of modalities.  And because you're completely unique, these sessions are tailored to you.

I know you're busy, which is why I offer on-line sessions over Skype. Wherever you are in the world, we can chat about what's going on in your life from the comfort of your own home.    

The goal of these sessions is to give you the tools to make fun, easy and practical changes to your life and home, so you can clear out all the clutter and live a life that serves you.

That's right... a life that serves YOU!

So, if you're ready to ditch the stuck feelings and take back control of your life, feeling motivated and living on your path.  If you're ready to shift some energy...

Contact me and together we'll get your life & home Shui'd!

Personal Colour analysis (pca)

2 1/2 - 3 hours

AUD  $245 (Inc. colour palette)

Location: Balwyn, Victoria 

light summer.png

Want to meet your new BFF (Best Friend Forever)?  

She's called your 'Colour Palette' and she'll have you wearing your best colours in clothing, hair and makeup in no time. She'll travel with you on every shopping expedition AND she'll give you expert advice about what colours suit you.

Yup, that's right. She's not biased like your mum or your human best friend about what colours she 'likes.' Instead she's focused on what colours like YOU.

In the old days (the 80's), Personal Colour Analysis was all about 4 seasons.  Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.  Women everywhere flocked to get their colours done.  It was all the rage.  


For many, it just didn't FEEL right.  


Well... because the above seasons were all True seasons, meaning they were completely cool or completely warm, and most people are actually neutral.  You know when you go to the makeup counter and the foundations are either too pink or too yellow? Well, that's kind of the feeling women were getting... 

It's just wasn't quite right.

That's the beauty of the 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis system I use. 8 Neutral tones have been added into the mix, meaning that within each of the seasons there are 3 tones.  So, 3 Summer tones, 3 Winter tones, 3 Autumn tones and 3 Spring tones, equalling 12 Tones.

This makes it sooo much more specific and tailored to your colouring, ensuring you choose the colours to help you...

Look and feel the most beautiful you, every day of your life.

Plus, you'll save a TON of money and reduce waste by only purchasing things you wear and that suit you.  

Your Personal Colour Analysis is done in my neutral studio so as to stop outside colour interference, using Full Spectrum lighting to ensure the most accurate result. Plus you get to wear a super cute grey cap and cape and I wear a particularly attractive jacket.  Sooo lucky! ;)

In line with my Life Shui philosophy, I'm particularly conscious of choosing healthy makeup products for you to wear.  None of that toxic stuff! We're also an animal loving household, and my sidekick Billy and I are always keen to use cruelty free products.

If that sounds good, contact me to arrange a session!

Let's get your look Shui'd.

'Let's Get Real'

20 minute Skype call


If you're ready to work with me on some life and home shui, but want to make sure we click, you can schedule a complimentary 20 minute 'Let's Get Real' session.  Over Skype we'll have a chat about where you're at and what you're looking to achieve.