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Price on request

Do you need some expert Feng Shui advice, but either your schedule or your location make it tricky to meet in person? No need to worry. With an on-line Feng Shui consultation we can work together to start upgrading your life, from wherever you are in the world.

So how does an on-line Feng Shui consultation work?

First up I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and send back to me. You’ll also need to send me:

  • Your floor plan (with the furniture, windows & door swing directions drawn in)

  • Photographs of either the room/home or office you want assessed (a minimum of 2 per room)

  • A photo of the view looking out of your front door

  • A photo of your home and front door taken from the street

We’ll schedule a time for our consultation, and prior to that I’ll take some time to look through your floorpan and photographs in order to start my Feng Shui investigation as to what’s going on.

Please note: It’s sometimes necessary to schedule an extra 15 minute Skype call prior to our session in order to clarify any details.

Your Skype consultation will then last approximately 60 minutes (but I’m not a clock watcher). At the end of the session you’ll have a clearly prioritised Feng Shui ‘to do’ list of changes to make to start upgrading your life.

At the end of our session, I’ll do an offline, distant ritual to remove obstacles, invite prosperity and bless your home or business.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your life, there’s no easier way to start.

I look forward to Feng Shui-ing with you across the globe!



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Price on request

This one on one session is designed to tap into the areas in your life you want to upgrade, and then provide you with powerful Feng Shui solutions to start creating the shift.

Your comprehensive Feng Shui consultation will include a 30 minute pre-consultation discussion on Skype or on the phone. At this time we’ll dig deep and discuss the specific areas in your life that need support. Prior to our in person consultation I’ll take a thorough look at your floorpan and start my Feng Shui investigation as to what’s going on.

On the day, we’ll walk through the property together. As I do a thorough environmental assessment, including house numerology, elements and yin and yang analysis, as well as a healthy home check for electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies, I’ll give you my suggestions as to what changes to make that will best support the shifts you want in your life. Sometimes I’ll physically help you make adjustments to your space, and sometimes we’ll create a list of things that need to be done. Either way, by the end of the session you’ll have a clear, prioritised Feng Shui ‘to do’ list to keep you going.

If there are any particular areas that have stuck energy that need to be addressed, I’ll do energetic space clearings. Plus, my consultations always finish with a ritual to remove obstacles, invite prosperity and bless the home or business.

This in-person consultation takes up to 3 hours.

I’m available for in person Feng Shui consultations for residents, small businesses and at home businesses in Melbourne.

Let’s work together and start upscaling your life with Feng Shui!

'discovery call'    

20 minute Skype or phone call


If you're ready to give your home & life a boost with Feng Shui, but want to make sure we click, you can schedule a complimentary 20 minute 'Let's Get Real' session.  Over Skype we'll have a chat about where you're at and what you're looking to achieve.