So how did I get here?

Ten years ago I sustained an incredibly painful injury that had me out of action for nearly twelve months.  For much of that time I couldn't sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time, I couldn't hold a book and I couldn't stay working in my desk job.

And guess what?

It ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me!!!

Funnily enough, during this time, a few of the people I'd called friends dropped by the wayside, and in their place came a group of people who helped me realise that I'd been living disconnected from my true nature.

As I began my recovery I delved even deeper?

In fact, it kind of became an obsession that hasn't ended.

Because what I realised was, not only had I been hanging onto some friendships that no longer lifted me up, I'd also been working at a job that didn't bring me any joy.  And what was interesting, was that the primarily black, navy and beige clothing in my wardrobe, as well as the fairly bland colours and decor in my home, reflected all of this.

My friends still remember me asking the question, "When did everything become so beige?"

I now see that question as a metaphor for my life back then.

Once my eyes were open, there was no turning back to my beige-aholic life.  It was full speed ahead into my brand new dream life, and I've been busy making the most of it.

I'm now certified as a 12 Tone Personal Colour Analyst with True Colour International, I'm a Reiki practitioner and have a Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies, which includes Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Numerology and Meridian Tapping. I've also written a Playbook called 'Living Life in Colour,' which helps to shift your energy and the energy of your space, returning you to a life that serves you.

So how has all of this changed my life?

Well, for starters, I have a whole new career, some new and wonderful friendships, I'm still deeply in love with my husband, who's been there for me every step of the way.  Plus I'm absolutely in love with my home and my life in general.  Why?  Because I'm living true to myself.

I now combine all of the above modalities to teach others how to create a 'Whole' life that will support them energetically.

I've worked with hundreds of women from numerous walks of life.  Some have been female entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, actor's, mum's, retirees, senior executives, administrative assistants and students. You name it.  Some of these women have been overcoming illnesses and some have not.

And here's what I've found...

No matter the salary people earn, or the title they have, many people are living their lives (just as I was) disconnected from their truth.

If this is you, even in a small way, I can help.

Nothing happens until you decide blue.png