My Feng Shui journey…

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with home decor, and even though I dabbled in a little Feng Shui at times over the years, I was always very focused on creating the perfect ‘look’ rather than the perfect ‘feel.’ In fact, I could often be found obsessing for weeks on end about finding the perfect paint colour (and driving my husband crazy in the process!)

All that changed in 2007 when I sustained an incredibly painful injury that had me out of action for nearly twelve months.  For much of that time I couldn't sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time, I couldn't hold a book and I couldn't stay working in my desk job. But… as painful as it was, it was this ‘time out’ that made me realise that not only was the job I was working at not bringing me any joy, but my home and wardrobe were also reflecting this feeling of stuck-ness. It all looked put together, but it was missing something.

My friends still remember me asking the question, “When did everything become so beige?” I now see that question as a metaphor for my life back then.

Once my eyes were open, I began diving into all things Metaphysical, including Feng Shui. From there I began creating changes, adding more life to our home and my wardrobe. There was definitely no turning back to my beige-aholic life and I was thrilled at the shifts that started to happen. From there, I dived head on into my brand new dream life, and I've been busy making the most of it ever since.

As well as being a Feng Shui & Healthy Home consultant, I also have a Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling & Complementary Therapies, I'm a level 2 Reiki practitioner and certified 12 Tone Personal Colour Analyst.  I've also written an 8 week Playbook called 'Living Life in Colour,' which helps to shift your energy and the energy of your space, returning you to a life that serves you.

These days I love hanging out with my gorgeous husband and too cute but naughty cocker spaniel ‘Billy.’ You’ll often find me planning and going on overseas holidays (with a bit of shopping thrown in) and I’ve been known to re-decorate and Feng Shui friends homes during short stays. Most of all, I'm absolutely in love with my home and my life in general.  After all, that’s what having good Feng Shui is all about!