This is me...

  Billy sitting somewhere he's not meant to!

Billy sitting somewhere he's not meant to!

In my spare time I love hanging out with my gorgeous husband, my too cute (but naughty) Cocker Spaniel 'Billy', as well as people who inspire me.  

I have a passion for interior decorating and have been known to makeover friends homes during short visits.  

I also love to eat healthy and delicious food in very large portions.  

You'll often find me planning holidays and travelling the world (with a bit of shopping thrown in).  However, my dream holidays are when I get to swim with dolphins.

Meditation is my key to clarity and peace, and I practice every day, even if it's a few minutes.  

I've re-branded how I see exercise (after hating it for many years) and these days I go for a nice walk most days.  Some days I work out to a DVD.  Some days I dance around the house to some fun music.  Some days I do a little pilates, and some days I just plain old curl up and read a good book or watch a chick flick.  

It's all good.  It's my life.  And most of all, it's who I am.