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SOME OF THESE Life shui RESOURCES ARE stand alone, however some are ideally available to be used in conjunction with 'Living Life in Colour' the PlaybooK (link is in the shop).  

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Life Shui Starter Guide

Shhh... My SECRET Life Shui ingredients to getting un-stuck fast! Delivered straight to your inbox in a beautiful PDF guide. This guide will help you quickly and easily identify areas in your home that are holding your back and teach you small changes that will create a BIG impact. 

Personal Colour Analysis Top Tips

So, you've had your Personal Colour Analysis.  Now you just need a guide for making it work in the real world.  Lucky for you I've put together some of my top Clothing Shui tips.

Self Love Meditation.png

Self-love Meditation

Have you ever criticised a part of your body… perhaps repeatedly? Imagine how damaging and hurtful saying those words to someone else would be. Not very nice huh?  So, it’s time to STOP it.  This meditation will help with self-love and acceptance.

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Living Life in Colour Book Resources

All the resources used in the 'Living Life in Colour' book (available in the Shop).
- Food Diary
- Puzzle
- Life Balance Map
- Communication Quiz

Decorating 101 

This 10 page booklet is filled with Decor Shui to get you clearing some clutter and creating beautiful displays.