Courses - Coming soon

Stay tuned! I am currently working on some courses so you can Shui your life! Submit the form below to express your interest and be the first to find out when it's released.  

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Living life In Colour 

This 8 week course is based on 'Living Life in Colour' the Playbook.  The feedback I've been getting is that lots of people are enjoying doing this as part of a group.  Firstly because it's fun and secondly because it keeps them motivated and gives them lots of ideas.  So if you'd love to create some amazing changes in your life but feel as though you could use some support, register here!

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Home and Life Detox

Are you ready to connect to your home and life in a BIG way?  Our homes can reflect what's going on in our life and vice versa.  In this course we'll dive in deep, clearing out all that no longer serves you and set you up for some amazing changes in your home and in your life!  Register here if you're ready for some BIG changes in your home and in your life.

Are you a female entrepreneur who's struggling with navigating YOU in the whole business/life balance game?  Maybe you're suffering big time with 'Comparisonitis.' Yup, it's a thing!   

I get it.  How?  Well, I'm one of you.  And if you're feeling it, trust me, I've felt it too.  There are sooo many women out there trying to run their own businesses.  Sometimes every minute of every day can feel overwhelming.

But guess what?...

You have a unique voice.  You were born with unique qualities.  

Using a range of modalities, this course is designed to tap into those and help connect the real you to your business, so you can run a business you love that's true to your voice. 

Plus, I know you're busy...I get it, which is why I also want to give you some fast and effective tips to create some easy, everyday life balance.

'Hmm' I hear you scoff... there's no such thing as life balance when you're running your own business.  I'm here to tell you different.  Trust me, these tips really are quick and easy :)  Honestly, if they weren't, I wouldn't get time to do them myself.

Register here if you're ready for some Girl Boss Life Shui so you can start making your life and business fun again!