Have you ever thought...

What am I really meant to be doing with my life?

Why do I feel so stuck?

How can I find time to look after myself when I'm sooo busy?

Why are my finances/relationship/career not as I want them to be?

Why do people always treat me like ...?

What makeup, hair and clothing really suit me?

If you've answered YES THAT's ME to even one of these questions, then you've come to the right place.

Hi I'm Kylie.

And I have a confession to make...

I'm OBSESSED with helping women move forward with their lives using a little something I call 'Life Shui'.

I'm guessing you may have heard of Feng Shui, so you're probably thinking 'What the heck is 'Life Shui?'

 Well, 'Life Shui' addresses and clears out the unwanted clutter in your home, your wardrobe, your makeup drawer and your lifestyle, and sets you on a path that's TRULY right for you.  

Yep, using a huuuuge range of modalities such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Holistic Living practices, Essential oils and 12 Tone Personal Colour Analysis, we tap into who you really are and create a healthy home, look and life that's authentically YOU.

And guess what else... all of this (except Personal Colour Analysis) is done online from the comfort of your own home!