Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, broke, lonely, unhealthy, passed over, or just not quite right?

Feng Shui provides a way to see that what’s going on in your home and work spaces is directly related to what’s going on in your life.

It’s really quite simple… If you want to get un-stuck and create more opportunities in all aspects of your life, then you need to take a look at how the energy is flowing in your space.

Are you ready to remove the old, tired obstacles and make room for your dream life? If so, I’d love to help.


Hi I'm Kylie.

Feng Shui Constulant, Holistic Therapist and decor obsessed optimist dedicated to helping you live the life of your dreams.

I believe that for a space to be good Feng Shui, it also needs to be decorated in a way you love. When you love it, it feels good, and when it feels good, good things start to flow.

My goal is to help you tap into what you really want, and then create a healthy and supportive home or workspace that’s truly right for you.